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Alcohol doesn’t fill you up like food but still contains calories your body needs to process. Drinking slows down your metabolism by having to process your alcohol instead of processing the food first. The reason for this is due to the fact your body can not store alcohol. Unlike food that contains nutritional value, alcohol is full of empty calories. Below is a chart with the type of drink, ounces & calories it contains. Click image to view larger size.


As you can see in the chart, the price of drinking comes with calories that your body will have to process. Drinking one or two glasses a night have been proven to have some health benefits. Drinking more than two drinks a night will lead to weight gain. It’s easy to do the math with this chart to see how many calories you consume in a weekend.  Below is a classic scenario to put this just into content for you.

Weekend trip to Vegas

Lets face it you had a rough week at work and are ready to rage in Las Vegas. You get off of work on a Friday afternoon ready to hop on an airplane to Sin City. You start your trip at the airport with two red bull vodka’s to get the party started ( 2 x 366 calories per drink = 732 calories). You finally arrive in Las Vegas where you meet up with you friends in your hotel room. You prepare to get ready for the night by pregaming and taking shots of Fireball. You take 3 shots before heading out to the club ( 3 x 108 calories per shot =324 calories). You get the to club and realized you would love a couple beers. You get two Bud Lights while at the club (2 x 110 calories per beer = 220 calories). You decide to call it a night and stop by McDonalds on Las Vegas Blvd before heading back to the room.

The next morning you wake up hung over craving a mimosa. You gather your friends and all go to breakfast where you order three mimosa to cure your hang over ( 3 x 144 calories per glass = 432 calories). You go back to the room to change, shower and get ready for your Saturday in Vegas. You decide to gamble and go shopping during the day. You get back to the hotel room to put on your fresh outfit for the night and start taking shots again. You take 3 shots of Jose Cuero before going out for the night (3 x 96 calories per shot = 288). While walking to Freemont St you see a sign that says  2 pitchers of beer for $10. You and your friends can’t pass up the deal. You drink 3 glasses of the Coors Light pitcher ( 3 x 104 calories per beer = 312 calories). Once you get to Freemont street you start gambling again but start taking advantage of the free cocktails. You order a Pina Colada ( 490 calories), and a mojito (143 calories). You decide its time to go back to the room and pass out after losing money at the tables.

The next morning you wake up ready to come home. Before you leave the hotel room you decide to weigh yourself only to find out you gained over 2 lbs on your weekend get away to Sin City by consuming an extra 3,000 calories in empty calories.

In summary, I’m not saying you have to give up drinking but to just be aware that drinking excessively will lead to weight gain.