Every Monday until the New Year you can expect a new pointer from HBO Fitness on how to lose weight by changing simple things in your life that will make a huge impact on achieving your weight lose goals. We are kicking things off today by explaining how walking during your lunch will help you lose over 20 lbs a year. Most people underestimate the power of walking. Adding a 30 minute walk to your lunch hour, 5 days a week ends up equaling 150 minutes of cardio exercise every week. This level of activity meets the American Heart Association recommendation for Physical Activity in Adults.

The average American woman weights 160 pounds and the average American Male weights 195 pounds. Using the average weight, a female walking for 30 minutes a day will burn an extra 110 calories a day & men will burn an extra 135 calories a day. When this is done 5 times a week the average female will lose 2 pounds a month, while men will lose about 3 pounds. Two or three pounds doesn’t seem that large of a number but if it is look at as an annual weight lost, a female will lose on average 24 lbs while men end up losing 36lbs. Losing that kind of weight can take an overweight person into that normal, healthy body weight range which is an huge accomplishment from just changing what you do on your hour lunch break.

In summary the next time your bored on your lunch break, put down your smart phone, get off your favorite social network, go outside and take a walk around the city to burn those extra calories which will drop you at least two pant sizes.


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